The Choate school, an exclusive and expensive private boarding school in Connecticut has admitted decades of rape and sexual abuse of its students by faculty members. The school’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees issued a written statement apologizing for what he described as “sexual misconduct.” We believe that the predatory behavior described by former … Continued

Please call us at 718-522-1743 to find out if you are eligible to remain in the U.S. under Temporary Protected Status.  The eligibility period began on June 24, 2015.  You must have proof of your nationality and proof that you are living the U.S.   The Federal Government announcement was released June 24, 2015:   Secretary of … Continued

A long summer ahead, but no surprise with conservative judges voting along political lines. It will be fall by the time there is an answer and then we expect an appeal and a further appeal to the Supreme Court. If you read the summary, it basically says procedures were not followed, nothing about the authority … Continued

Hillary Rodham Clinton has, over several weeks, announced that she supports President Obama’s executive actions on immigration and would seek to expand them, supports comprehensive immigration reform, and a path to citizenship.   That’s all positive but how does a Presidential candidate let the public know she really means business about immigration reform?  You hire … Continued

Does anyone think it’s outrageous that NYPD Stop and Frisk encounters target New York City’s black and Latino residents? The statistics that are kept by New York City and the police department demonstrate that under Mayor Bloomberg’s leadership, stop and frisk encounters were up 600 % during his term in office. Something is wrong with … Continued