CarandTruckAccidentsLawyersCar and truck accidents cause serious and devastating injuries ranging from broken bones to severe back, neck, and head trauma. Serious accidents may lead to death. Injuries from car or truck accidents may leave you impaired and disabled from work.


We have decades of experience handling automobile claims and lawsuits to recover money for pain and suffering and compensation for lost income resulting from car and truck crashes. Whenever necessary our team engages in extensive accident reconstruction analysis, economic projections of lost income and expert medical evaluation of injuries. Often times, there are complex issues concerning the amount of insurance available to compensate seriously injured victims. We have experience with all of these issues and the ability to obtain the best results under the circumstances of your case.


Whether you are a driver, passenger or pedestrian, if you are injured in a car or truck accident, it is very important to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. One reason for this is that you only have 30 days after the accident to file for medical benefits under the “No Fault” law.


For example, the commonly used term “No Fault” does not mean that you receive compensation for your injuries no matter who is at fault for the accident. Instead, it means that you may receive medical insurance and some lost income benefits from your own automobile insurance company. “No Fault” also means that your insurance may cover the damage to your vehicle if you have such coverage.


A very common term that we hear from our clients is that they have “full coverage.”  People think that having “full coverage” means that they have a lot of protection if they are in an accident.  Unfortunately, full coverage usually only means that you have coverage for the damage to your car and has nothing at all to do with the amount of coverage available to compensate you for your injuries. Once we see your actual automobile insurance policy we can explain what kind of insurance you actually have and how much coverage you may get from your own insurance policy.


Our firm has many years experience representing the motor vehicle crash victims. We have obtained verdicts and settlements in excess of a million dollars for clients who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle crashes. Clients whom we have represented have been crushed between vehicles, been involved in roll overs, and been dragged down the highway by tractor trailers. Many of our clients have been so seriously injured that they were never able to return to work. If you have been injured in a car accident, a truck accident, or any kind of motor vehicle crash, contact our firm for a free consultation.


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