Hillary Rodham Clinton has, over several weeks, announced that she supports President Obama’s executive actions on immigration and would seek to expand them, supports comprehensive immigration reform, and a path to citizenship.


That’s all positive but how does a Presidential candidate let the public know she really means business about immigration reform?  You hire a Dreamer. That is exactly what Hillary Rodham Clinton has done. On Wednesday May 20, 2015, the Hillary Campaign announced that that it hired prominent Dreamers activist, Lorella Praeli. Ms. Praeli is the director of advocacy for United We Dream. It is the largest immigrant youth lead network dedicated to the quest for the Dream Act, comprehensive immigration reform, and implementation of DACA. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology from Quinnipiac University. Ms. Praeli is from Peru and was brought undocumented to the United States by her father at the age of 10 to obtain better medical care after loosing a leg at the age of 2. She obtained her legal permanent residency in October, 2012 as reported at Laopinion.com.


In naming Ms. Praeli to head its national outreach for Latinos, Mrs. Clinton is taking the lead to ensure that the voice of all immigrants, and their families, are heard.