NursingHomeAbuseLawyersElderly nursing home patients deserve respect and dignity, however they sometimes receive care that is so poor that it goes beyond malpractice and amounts to abuse. Sadly, the abuse can take the form of ignoring basic needs so that patients develop bedsores or suffer unnecessary falls. Bedsores can develop into ulcers that expose bone and have a devastating impact on a patient's mobility and overall health. Falls can result in major fractures that can also have a devastating impact on a patient's well-being.

Our office is experienced in the medical and legal aspects of nursing home malpractice and abuse. Our partner, Steven M. Weiner, is both a medical doctor and a lawyer. We have access to health care experts who can assist us in establishing the proper standard of care. We are also familiar with state and federal laws that can be used to protect the rights of nursing home patients.

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