Does anyone think it’s outrageous that NYPD Stop and Frisk encounters target New York City’s black and Latino residents? The statistics that are kept by New York City and the police department demonstrate that under Mayor Bloomberg’s leadership, stop and frisk encounters were up 600 % during his term in office. Something is wrong with this picture.


The facts, reported by the New York Times on February 15, 2012, support the claim that the NYPD is engaged in racial profiling. Eighty-seven percent of people stopped in 2011 were black or Latino. And the number stopped is staggering — the New York Police Department stopped and questioned 684,330 people in 2011. Some of those stops included frisking and searching as well. That represents almost 600,000 black and Latino residents hassled by the police in 2011 which is also a 14% increase over the staggering number of stops made by NYPD in 2010. These numbers are the based on statistics maintained by the NYPD. If the numbers are accurate (and I suspect they are lower than what actually occurs) then we should all be ashamed to live in the police state of New York City.


Is this kind of racial profiling beneficial? The police department claims that it is. But what about the innocent high school or college student or the worker returning home at the end of his shift. If you’re black or Latino and live in an area that is considered high crime, the NYPD considers you a target and subject to search and seizure whenever they want. If you protest, many times that will result in being arrested for no reason other than asking why you are being stopped and detained and questioned and frisked.